alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

long update

thursday, friday and today at work all sucked - we are still short staffed and busy as hell here due to the snow

thursday night however, was good - went to dinner at delicious afghan restaurant in arlington, then to alchemydc where the music started out good and then went to horrible for an hour at about midnight - in both rooms - by the time they started playing decent music again i was ready to leave... back at the house i didn't get much sleep, but i did enjoy the rest of the night

up early friday to run errands and go to work, after work rushed to meet the freaks at mykonos for dinner - they didn't have our table ready in a timely fashion (even with a reservation) so people decided to go across the street to the sushi place - i didn't much care for my dinner, but others seemed to enjoy it, and the conversation was good, so i was happy... back to the ranch with a bunch of the dinner folx, snuck off to tuck in zooom then sat and talked until i was about to pass out from exhaustion...

woke up saturday morning and went to run some errands with staciadevi and have girl talk... we don't get to see each other much so that was good; rest of saturday was supremely lazy - i ignored the mess in the house (leftover mess from snow days plus the usual clutter - i know i should have cleaned, but i just needed to chill by myself) and relaxed; then got up showered, and dressed in the new skirt i had ordered from (site not up yet) which arrived while i was napping - everyone made it to the ranch albiet most a bit late due to the fog and traffic and we headed to orpheus for much dancing and drinking... the night was great (well except for the air being on too low - damn it was warm on the dance floor) - good music, i spent entirely too much time on the floor as usual, but i did talk to faeridust for quite some time and firmed up some plans for dinner next saturday before the club... afterwards we headed for home and once again talked with our guests until way too late

sunday i woke early and fixed breakfast for the crew that was left - bacon, eggs, hash brown, sausage, biscuits, coffee, juice - yum, then we settled in to do a photo shoot for reference material a new comic stacia and joe are working on - set in the goth/industrial scene and they want to get it right - many costume changes, multiple models including the gorgeous and wonderful ashbet, mystikvelvet, azuresandstorm, ikirus, yveline, gandri, zooom, james, christian, rebecca - i'm sure i'm forgetting somebody(s) there were so many - i hope the pics come out as good as the poses did - everyone looked amazing!! stacia fixed a yummy dinner for everyone who was there at dinner time, i finally got a decent nights sleep last night, and the week should be decent if i survive work
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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