alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

plans for this weekend

this is for the group of you who go out with us on saturday and/or attend sewing circle:
1)i love you all, but i am not up for herding the cats so: saturday we have dinner reservations at 8pm for cajun food in federal hill - the name of the restaurant is Ryleigh's, to get there take 395 into the city go right toward the innner harbor then right onto light street, take light street to cross street (cross street market is on the corner) and turn right onto cross street - the restaurant is on your right - if you are joining us please let me know by e-mailing or responding here before 8pm today or calling me tomorrow before 4 - i (with gus & nagamii & maybe zooom) am leaving early to pick up some people in baltimore, you are welcome to use the ranch as a staging area for rides if it helps, please be ontime if you're coming to dinner
2)if you don't want cajun food (they do have veg and vegan options on the menu) please feel free to meet us at orpheus for dancing - again, the ranch is fine as a meeting place, although i'm not certain if anyone will be home after we leave (check wtih heather though) - to get there take 395 into baltimore, go right on pratt, it's on your right (for those of you who haven't driven it yourselves)
3)sewing circle is cancelled, i plan on getting up sunday morning, making zooom take me out for breakfast and doing taxes and housework and while i again love you all, i don't want to play hostess or feel the need to cook breakfast

if i don't see you, have a great weekend
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans

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