alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

the weekend

was good... not enough sleep, but that's not unusual... friday night i worked late, got home keyed up and stressed, didn't really get any sleep at all... saturday i did housework and then went for cajun food (yummy) with a small group - ikirus, pyrogus, funkergrrl, faeriedust and bald michael - i very much enjoyed the andouille and sausage gumbo and had good conversations too, then we headed for orafice - shortly after we walked in, dj michael spun a cd he had made for brian - old industrial set from when tracks was open and he spun there w/ adam... much dancing and drinking followed - ikirus got very drunk (my goal is to drink enough that i can't see) and i got fairly plowed too (although i could still see and had less trouble dancing than he did) - ran into some people i haven't seen in ages, was especially happy to see "sword-swallower" dave - he's home briefly between cruises (he's working for i think carnival) and i had been wishing he were out early in the evening when revco's cover of do you think i'm sexy came on - about an hour later he walked in - talk about coincidences - after the tons of dancing we did, we decided to head to paper moon for some food, but decided we didn't feel like waiting another 25 minutes after the 1st 20 minutes of wait didn't get us inside... ikirus fell asleep with his head in my lap on the way home, and i fell asleep shortly after him - thank you pyrogus for putting up with the drunk passengers - at least we're quiet when we're that drunk :) - i fed the boys the leftover pizza from friday night for a snack, then went to bed where i actually slept for 6 whole hours... sunday woke up, went to breakfast, ran errands, picked up pics from pennsic, trader joes, got some really beautiful oriental style storage boxes for war at ross, grocery store, started dinner (beef burgandy - easy crock pot meal and yummy), went to get haircut by the lovely jennytheonly then home for a nap... about 6:30 jenny and ikirus arrived at the house for dinner and to braid his hair - it looks great, and didn't take as long as i expected... ended weekend getting a decent nights sleep - a full 8 hours sunday following six feet under and queer as folk's new episodes
Tags: cooking, creativity, dancing, dating, life with zooom, on the east coast, poly/open, weekend plans

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