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end of week/weekend

thursday - alchemy was much better than in recent weeks musically (at least in comparison) - i danced lots and had fun, saw some friends i don't often see out - dcjester and ashbet and vicar and djkangal was especially good to get to chat with you guys a bit - i don't get to see you often enough... twas also good that pyrogus got to come out... i did miss the presence of ikirus though - but best of all, officeninja decided to grace us with his presence - you need to come out more sweetie!!

made it home, slept a bit, dealt with work, friday sucked as much as the rest of the week - i'm not sure how much longer i'm going to last here if this keeps up (but enough whining - i'm employed and that's the important thing) then headed for home - exhausted as all hell, i decided to turn down ikirus' invite to go see feistydiva spin and instead went to bed early (although my roommate, his girlfirend, and her son were entirely too much like elephants above my head so i didn't sleep as well as i wanted to) after a brief chat with ikirus

saturday was semi-productive - i did laundry (i don't understand where it all comes from - it seems like i do 4 loads or so a week just of clothes - not to mention towels/linens/etc - there are only 2 of us!!) and dyed my hair - dark purple - i think i'm happy with the new brand of color i tried, and it doesn't seem to be sweating out of my hair like the special effects did... then got ready for trip to jersey for the pisces party...

once we got out of the driveway (zooom lost his keys, got angry about it, then while i searched for his mine fell behind the chair - we left without finding his keys (and almost without him) about an hour after we planned to leave) the evening was quite good - the role of zooom was played by gus for most of the drive up and we made good time - in clifton by about 11, saw loads of t-wolves, kindred, divas, various other pennsic and con friends - was very amused to hear (after the fact - i think i was passed out on the couch with ikirus when this happened) that alexa rated a female friends blow job skills as performed on zooom - got way too drunk on very little to drink, had a good talk with the lovely barry, hung out with staciadevi for a while, loved the new house - lou and rob have done a beautiful job decorating, ultimately made ikirus share the sofa with me (several people have told me we looked quite cute passed out together - heh) until pyrogus decided he as the sober driver was ready to leave about 6am... made it home about 9 and as we were unloading the car we realized that in the drunkenness/still asleep state leaving the bag of booze got picked up but not my purse which i had put with it for zooom to take to the car - fortunately funkergrrl and company were still in the area and were kind enough to bring it back to me... thanks again guys!!... napped until the roommate/girlfriend/kid woke me up again, then unbraided ikirus' hair, ate and showered, and went back to sleep - it's been a long while since i've had a strictly booze hangover, but man did my head hurt yesterday

overall the weekend was lots of fun, the hangover was even well worth it, and i'm starting the week in a decent mood - we'll see how long it lasts
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans

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