alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

almost the weekend

i've made it through another long, trying week at work, had a fairly good time at alchemy last night, went home and had (to quote ikirus) "monkey sex" with zooom, chatted with ikirus for a while, tried and failed to sleep (zooom was snoring, tossing and turning all night), dropped ikirus off at home and headed to work... tonight i'm supposed to drop by officeninja and company's for a bit, then home to get (i hope) a decent night's sleep - the couch may be calling me if the husband is restless though... tomorrow is going to be spent at least in part pampering myself - eyebrows waxed, tanning salon, and fabric shopping for my outfit for the mobsters ball at convergence - i've decided to use this pattern, albeit somewhat modified - and i'm guessing i will need to find a hat to wear with it - question for you fashion mavens out there - i'm thinking of making the skirt out of a mid-weight geometric pattern black velvet which i have on my shelf, and the top out of purple satiny fabric similar in color to zooom's zoot suit (which he is of course wearing) - i'm thinking of either making the cross straps in the front out of the black velvet and maybe making it sleeveless to wear with black opera length ?? (i can't remember the name of them but they're like detached sleeves with a triangular shaped piece that covers the back of the hand and ends in an elastic loop on the middle finger) or leaving it long sleeved, but making the body of the top opaque (maybe satin with chiffon over it) and the sleeves (long) and cross straps of just chiffon - thoughts? suggestions? either decision will also entail dropping the neck line lower in the back and maybe the front (gotta show off the ink/jewelry), followed by dancing at orpheus, then sunday is stitch and bitch - projects include finishing zooom's vinyl vest and adding belt loops/trim to a few pieces of his, repairing the button loops on his vinyl cassock, and hopefully starting on the skirt for convergence for me
Tags: creativity, dancing, kink/sex, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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