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asleep at mal 9/09
12/4/01 11:19
asleep at mal 9/09
ok... this is kinda scary... yesterday i went home, finished laundry, started sewing for yule (dress about 1/2 done), and got a decent nights sleep... this morning i put away laundry, cleaned up kitchen, made it out the door in time to go by the fabric store and do some holiday shopping before coming in to work 2 hours early... usually i am much more slack than this; if i can keep this up i might manage to be ready for all our holiday functions on time
12/4/01 8:55 (UTC) - Yule. . .
Oh, I'm missing Yule. . . damn. I missed Tyr's thanksgiving and now Yule. . . sigh*
Have a great time for me. Hug* Hopefully I'll make it up for the party!!! (I don't know if I'll be driving or not. . ) HUG*
12/4/01 9:01 (UTC) - Re: Yule. . .
will send your love to all... if you need a ride, let me know, we will come get you if it's possible...