alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

guess i should update this thing

last week didn't seem quite as horrible at work as it has been lately (or maybe i'm just getting used to the level of suck) so we'll skip that and move on to more interesting things...

thursday at alchemy was pretty good, i danced a fair amount (well except for the hour of suck that several other people already mentioned), saw a shitload of people, and generally had a good time

friday evening we went to a st. pat's day party thrown by officeninja and his house - it was small and fun, was especially amused by the whole purple flower thing, but zooom and i were both exhausted so we called it a night early

saturday was sleep, some housework, some pampering of the kim (tanning salon) and then orpheus - twas a good night, i danced a lot, socialized a bit, had a grand time... drove ikirus's car back to my house followed by chatting/a bit of tv and sleep

sunday i helped angitia finish a pair of pants for zooom, made a skirt for clubbing and almost finished the skirt for convergence - the pattern was way oversized though so i'm going to have to do muslin mock-up before i can start on top - bleh - why can't the pattern make a garment that is sized as it says it will be on the package?

for this week, definately going to be out thursday (pigface/tkk/et al at alchemydc), may make a brief stop at cue_club tomorrow to check it out, and am definately going to be headed to orpheus on saturday
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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