alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

a good weekend and finally, some sleep

friday night i was so exhausted i ordered pizza hut online for dinner (not my favorite, but not bad either and online ordering means i didn't have to talk to anyone) went home, ate, took a painkiller, had a cocktail, and passed out - for about 9 hours - that was wonderful...
saturday i was semi-productive - i cleaned up the kitchen, finished our taxes, went shopping for a bit with pyrogus and frogmaus so pyrogus could pick up some new clothes for the club then to dinner with them (mmmm... sakura japanese steakhouse - not the best i've been to, but definately quite good) then changed for the club and made a brief stop at officeninja's birthday gathering to see he and beca and madbane and company before heading to orpheus... orpheus was fabulous - it was dj warring's birthday and afterbirthpie's 21st, and we had the good fortune to have warring, adam and roy all spinning - the music was awesome, loads of dancing... why can't the music at alchemydc be as consistently good as orpheus?? anyway, all you folks who want something fun to do saturday night really should come check out orpheus - it is definately a smaller space than alchemy, but not bad, and i almost always have a really good time... this week, the dc crowd was: pyrogus, frogmaus, ikirus, jennytheonly and pete, mystikvelvet, faeridust, pheonyxe, azuresandstorm, gandri and as a bonus, putz was in baltimore as well... hope the pix he took of "the corseted girls" come out
sunday was gorgeous outside, i sat in the sun and read for a while, then got motivated and picked up officeninja and beca to take them to brunch and her to the train, was great to spend some lucid and quiet time with beca - i don't get to see her often enough - then home to relax in the sun, clean up the kitchen, went out for a bite with zooom when he came home from the motorcycle show - i was not impressed with bwb (buffalo wings and beer) - too noisy, service bad to non-existant, food ok... stopped at giant then home to relax, dirk and vanessa stopped by for a couple of hours visit/chat, then we went off to bed where i fell asleep before i caught 6 feet under - must watch it tonight instead

sunday was relaxed and a bit lazy - took officeninja and beca to breakfast,
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans

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