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asleep at mal 9/09
3/26/03 16:48
asleep at mal 9/09
i once again have started off the week with not nearly enough sleep - not my insomnia's fault this time though - as much as i love my housemate and his new girlfriend and even though her kid is pretty well behaved for a 4 year old, i have slept on the couch and badly the past 2 nights due to the thundering heard of elephants which seem to be living over my head when i'm in bed and they are around... there has got to be a reasonable solution to this dilema... i've even suggested to christian that he let julian sleep/watch tv in our living room (the lizard/snake room for those of you who've been to the house) because there are no bedrooms under that room as there are with the kitchen/dining room and christian's bedroom, but so far he hasn't taken me up on that offer... and then there's the question: what is a 4 year old doing up and stomping around at 11 or 12 at night anyway?
3/26/03 14:50 (UTC)
I have been wondering why Julian is up around midnight too. It's LOUD! Grrrr... I haven't gotten much sleep either.
3/26/03 15:01 (UTC)
I prefer to think of that room as Naga's Sleep area. More accurately: Naga Mii's stay up all night watching TV area.
3/26/03 15:03 (UTC) - Re:
well, be warned, if rebecca and julian are over you may have to share the couch and the remote
3/26/03 15:27 (UTC)
why don't they stay down at her house? she's a close friend of mine, but she also has a large house. i know julian tends to get riled when people are around so that would explain why he's bouncing.

invest in earplugs?
i know how you feel... i hate the sound of bass/boom.

3/27/03 10:46 (UTC)
invest in earplugs?

to add to what i commented to Kim directly, i'll say this about earplugs:

good for noise. horrible if someone is tromping around hard enough to shake your bed. i sleep with earplugs every night, and it did little to staunch the effects of the twin terrors above my bedroom on a daily basis.

but it's a good start.
3/27/03 10:43 (UTC) - i'm with you on that. 100%
until they moved out, my upstairs neighbors had twin boys. i got to experience the lovely progression from toddler (and knocking over stuff or rolling it along the ground) to 5 year old (and stomping around in what sounded like baby New Rocks with 10 pound weights on each ankle). and, of course they would get up and run around at seven fucking AM every single goddamn morning. and i am so not a morning person. Kaz and i came to refer to them as the Heffalumps, and plotted many cunning schemes for killing them and hiding the bodies so that we would not be caught, but never followed through on them.

and did i mention that their parents should not have bred, as they had the patience of a 2 year old themselves, and would scream at the kids at the top of their lungs at least once or twice every single day?

so i feel your pain.

3/28/03 14:12 (UTC) - the loudness factor
i say kill it, cook it, & eat it - but then again i despise children -- but if you want the noise to stop just put a little thromazipan in the bastards food at dinner - 20 min later he will be unconscious for about 10 hours - no more noise
3/29/03 5:46 (UTC) - Re: the loudness factor, take 2
3/30/03 11:08 (UTC) - Two little words...