alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

friday, glorious friday

last night at the club was pretty decent - the music was once again uneven at best but there were some good sets... the new cincher is apparently a success - i got a lot of compliments... got to have a nice long chat with ikirus on the way to the club and he helped put me into a good mood for the evening... after the club, headed home, attacked zooom and slept

today being friday is a good thing - we have several people out with the ick, plus keith who is at work, but can barely talk (i just sent him to fix himself some hot tea w/ honey - fortunately i keep that on my desk) so it's been nutso busy and yet boring at the same time... i have a job, i have a job, i have a job (which just keeps getting worse, but enough of that noise) - it's nearly the weekend, plans include fabric shopping and other errands tomorrow, followed by cooking on the grill prior to the club (gus, ikirus, azuresandstorm, yveline, frogmaus, et al - you are welcome to join us but i need to know in advance so i can make sure i have enough food and you may be asked to bring something with you to contribute to dinner - call me by 1 if you wish to join us) then dancing at

sunday is sewing circle - hopefully a few more people will attend than last time (although it was productive - at least for me) and more importantly, hopefully i'll finally finish zooom's vest and be able to get at least a muslin mock-up of the top for convergance finished
Tags: creativity, dancing, dating, kink/sex, life with zooom, on the east coast, poly/open, weekend plans, work

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