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playing catch-up

weds night: zooom and i chatted w/ b on the phone and shaved one anothers' heads so we'd look good for convergence, did some planning for the weekend

thurs: i ran errands to make sure we had everything we needed, did laundry and colored my hair; pyrogus showed up and we got ready for alchemy_dc then went to pick up ray and collect my hat for the mobster's ball and headed for the club... decent night; once again the music was all over the place, but i did get some dancing in... we left at a reasonable hour, dropped ray off at home, and i began to sew (still needed to finish top for mobsters ball outfit) while gus & zooom napped

fri: about 5am i finished the machine sewing on the top (would set snaps, etc on saturday or sunday), got myself cleaned up and began packing... by 7:15 we were all loaded and headed to bwi where we rushed to our gate after waiting through a ridiculously long line to go through the tsa screening and jetted off to vegas in 1st class (whee - free cocktails, edible airline food - i know it's nearly impossible but it happened, and comfortable seats)... we had a brief stop in phoenix but didn't have to change planes so we grabbed some lunch at a tex-mex joint near our gate before re-boarding for 45 minutes in the air to vegas... upon arrival we took a shuttle to the flamingo, where it took too long to check in, got our stuff together for the fashion show, registered for the convention and taxied to the huntridge theatre for a walk-thru, dressing and makeup (thanks feistydiva for the makeup assistance - it looked great!...) the fashion show was somewhat disorganized but seemed to go fairly well once it actually started; we hung out and waited for the terrible bands to end so we could dance, and i finally gave up on dancing when the djs started spinniing a set of rap... back to the hotel to hang out and get some sleep

sat: got up, had breakfast, and went to the vendors room which was somewhat disappointing - with the exception of cyberoptik there was nothing we hadn't seen at a ton of other places, although most of the vendors seemed to do fairly well in terms of sales and they did have a good selection of goth gear (unfortunately i'm not really goth so i didn't find anything i wanted)... hung out and relaxed a bit in the afternoon, then joined b & j & the la crowd for dinner at the buffet - the food was quite good as was the company... after that, we dressed for area 51 (zooom looked especially good - he got some help from s and put his hair up in a purple and green dual mohawk, added his tribal pattern leathers, phillip spain vest, and multiple blinking and glowing lights) and headed back to the huntridge... the music was better, although the djs were making us work awfully hard to dance - they kept playing "long ethereal intros" which broke the momentum, and they rarely finished a song so it was rather frustrating... headed back to the hotel where we got some breakfast then spent a few hours talking with b... finally crashed at dawn for a few hours

sun: got up, got b & j & s checked out, went to brunch (we finally had a good waiter in the hotel diner) and back to the dealers room for a bit, then i headed for my room for a bit to finish the hand sewing on the outfit for the evening... went to the hotel salon where i had them put my hair in curls for the ball, then got dressed and we went to the venetian to wander around and get some dinner - unlike the flamingo which is just plain tacky, the venetian was what i expected to see in vegas - over the top, but beautiful - the shopping area is laid out like streets on the canal in venice complete with tromp-le-oi sky which changed as the sun set (although the canal water itself was blue - not very realistic) - the food court in the shopping area actually had good food; there were truly talented street performers in the plaza; very cool, overpriced shops with some amazing and unaffordable stuff in them... after dinner we headed back to the hotel, took a brief nap, then headed to the huntridge for one last evening... i was surprised by how many people were dressed in period costume and how well the freaks clean up; the bands were better than the 1st night but i got bored and tired by about 2 anyway so we decided to go back to the venetian so zooom could try his hand at gambling - he lost some money, but only what i'd budgeted to lose - he tried blackjack, roulette, watched but decided against craps (too complicated), and slots - lady luck was not with him, but it was no big deal... back to our hotel for a few hours sleep before check-out

monday... checked out of our room, checked our bags at the hotel and went to the hilton for the star trek experience... it was a bit touristy, but not nearly as cheesy as i had expected... it was very well done, and the staff tried their best to convince a group of skeptics to participate... after the ride, we headed to quarks for lunch and cocktails... fun, well themed, good food, and yummy drinks... zooom tried the warp core breach (small one - 5 oz of booze) and got semi-toasted... the klingon at the station didn't seem to care for zooom's clothing choices (you need better camoflage - you are not well hidden) but quark liked his t-shirt... after food/drinks we made quick stops at the sahara and NY, NY for rollercoasters - speed at sahara was a disappointment - linear induction fired serpent style coaster - too short, does nothing with the speed; manhatten express coaster wasn't much better - along the lines of the loch ness monster - old style looping coaster, somewhat rough due to age, but it had a nice view of the strip and it was fairly well integrated into the casino structure... after that we were picked up at the flamingo by my cousin barry to go see his new house, play some pool and have some dinner before our flight... was good to see him and my cousin brian (his son) and their house is quite lovely... barry's wife cimong has excellent taste in decor...

the flight home was uneventful - non-stop from las vegas to bwi - left vegas at 11:15pm arrived bwi 6:46am - i got some sleep on the flight, but still needed more sleep when we got home (felt good to be in my own bed too!!), and i was late to work tuesday because i slept right through the alarm - oh well, the trip was fun - overall, as zooom said, it was just another con, but it gave us a chance to see our friends out on the left coast and to check out vegas - ok, but overall not as impressive as i thought it would be (that may be in part because i get bored w/ gambling quickly)
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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