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asleep at mal 9/09
1st photos from convergence 
4/30/03 21:47 (UTC) - fashion show
so there is proof i did it.
i like the one in me cassock.
though the kilt came out much better this time.
5/1/03 8:06 (UTC) - Re: fashion show
i agree - it looks really stylish and way cool.

ro (who so needs money so he can start going to events again, rather than just seeing pics of what his friends are doing for fun :-)
5/1/03 1:54 (UTC)
You two look great!
5/1/03 5:04 (UTC)
WOW!....you guys look awesome! glad to hear you had much fun out there.
5/1/03 5:11 (UTC)
Wow you look great (as always)! I didn't know you were in the fashion show :)
5/1/03 5:31 (UTC) - You guys are hot!
Yay, I think the pix look great! Seeya tonight, I hope!

-- S.
5/1/03 6:53 (UTC) - wow
You guys look faboo.