alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

here's what's been going on w/ me lately

1) i still have a job
2) life is mostly good

3) thurs - alchemy was fun, enjoyed the part of flesh field that i saw (was not at all impressed w/ the opening bands though), was very pleased that the deck was open and that psyche, nils (from london) and caroline were spinning good music out there; it was mystikvelvet's birthday, so she and john were out as was staciadevi who came down for the evening and nvgrjaaajkss... the night was quite good
4) fri - got a call from dai while i was headed to work - seems he was given free tix to see george clinton and p-funk at umcp that night, wondered if we wanted them - fortunately it worked out that i could go pick them up on my way into work, zooom could bring me clothes when he came to pick up his tix, and pyrogus and i could meet zooom at the show when i got off work - the concert was quite enjoyable (although it was hard to find zooom in the crowd on the field) - clinton's energy at 50+ is amazing
5) fri after clinton - pyrogus and i headed down to dollhouse for a bit - i stayed through psyche's set, then chatted w/ a few folx and decided to head home - it was a good thing too - zooom was paging me on the cell - his car had broken down (coolant running right through the car and onto the parking lot) and he couldn't find his insurance/roadside assistance card... got him a tow truck, got the car to his workplace where the night crew was still there (way late) so he took it into the shop, threw it on a lift, and discovered that it was just a cracked hose and decided to fix it right away - this took about 1 1/2 hours - we made it to home bed by about 4am
6) sat - spent the better part of the day sleeping - i was still feeling jet lagged and off on my sleep from the vegas trip, when i finally got up i hearded the cats (ie: orpheus crowd), ordered pizza for dinner, showered, dressed, and drove to baltimore for "bounce & stomp" - the music was good, the crowd was a bit small (finals?) and a good time was had by all - i was especially pleased that either we missed (or they didn't play) the "rammstein power set" this week, and also that some friends who rarely come out did - jamie, etienne and danielle were all there and seemed to enjoy themselves :)
7) sunday - still awake when zooom left to go motorcycle riding for the day - i didn't manage to get to sleep until ~8:30 am - cute boi arrived at ~12:45 to pick me up for a 12:50 movie and woke me (needless to say, we didn't make it to that show) - we went to see What a Girl Wants (cute john hughesish teen movie - it wasn't bad) after a quick lunch of yummy kabobs at the kentlands, then following the movie, i laid on the couch and napped
8) the following people stopped by sunday and hung out/visited: nvgrjaaajkss, selezen, kitten & frogmaus; zooom finally got home about 10:15 and informed me he'd "gone down" in west virginia - no major damage to him, his bike or his gear (which did its job - the leathers prevented him from getting severe gravel rash) - fortunately he rides more cautiously than he drives so he was only doing about 30... i think i took the news very well and he's still looking at a newer/larger bike (we both knew he'd wipe out sooner or later, that's why we spent a small fortune on protective gear); caught the late showing of 6 feet under then went back to bed for more sleep time
Tags: dancing, dating, life with zooom, medical, on the east coast, poly/open, weekend plans

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