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asleep at mal 9/09
for my mcgroyne friends 
5/8/03 17:47 (UTC)
Hee hee heee :)

I so need a pink sheep.
5/9/03 7:42 (UTC) - oh...
SOooooo wrong. But yet, so funny.

I'll be at the Ranch with bells on tommorrow. Around 4ish. :)
Anything I need to bring?
5/9/03 10:23 (UTC) - Re: oh...
actually, if you wouldn't mind picking up some beverages (non alcoholic) for the crowd, that would be great
5/9/03 10:25 (UTC) - Re: oh...
Dr. P and something non-caffeinated ok?
Any breakfast foods?
5/9/03 10:27 (UTC) - Re: oh...
sounds good, and maybe juice for breakfast? i have breakfast foods already
5/9/03 14:19 (UTC) - Re: oh...
OJ's and carbonated drinky stuff, check!