alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

amusing (at least to me) aim conversation

me: actually, i think i'll blame christian & damien - christian has been locking him in his bathroom while he's at work, this morning he must have left early because the puppy woke me up whining, barking and scratching at the door at 8:30 am - i am sooo not pleased
gus: damn which is just about right over your heads
not good
not good at all
me: no shit; christian and i will be having a "pleasant chat" about that in the next few days (when i see him and we're both awake)
gus: he can't leave the puppy in the garage?
me: my thoughts exactly
gus: thought that was where he did keep it
me: sometimes; but damien sleeps w/ him, and for some reason he's been keeping him in his bathroom during the day this week - it's not so bad when we are up at the same time
gus: bathroom is too small aspace to be keeping apuppy anyway
me: i think his feeling is that it's bigger than the crate
gus: this is true
gus: he really needs to just work on getting the backyard patched
me: and building damien a doghouse; i agree
gus: yupyup
gus: a nice three story with sunroom and jacuzzi
me: lol... no, the sunroom/jacuzzi is for us :-)
gus: a working model for what he needs to do with the house
gus: that way the puppy has it's own version
me: nah, the puppy needs a mini version of christian's castle, complete w/ raised bed, door & windows
gus: ya know that would be better sitting in the backyard
gus: maybe on top of that hill he made for wahtever reason
gus: then it will serve some sort of purpose
me: i will recommend that
gus: an all imposing looking little castle with it's all imposing little puppy....
what a funny picture that will make
gus: oh wait left out on its all imposing little hill
me: snort... this convo will be posted to my lj
Tags: life with zooom, on the east coast

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