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thursday - after work i headed up to pick up ray, we went to bennigans for some food and a cocktail and some girl talk, then headed for alchemydc - decent night overall - as is normal lately the music was on again/off again - 2501 i love you and the night but i really want to be kept on the dance floor for longer - also, having problems w/ my car - seems my thermostat is dead
friday - work, home, sleep (zooom was also having car problems so we cancelled plans for a movie)
saturday - housework, laundry, sewing, missed both djkangal's birthday party and dancing at orpheus because i was feeling run down (still) from the ick i had last week and both are cars are acting up - instead zooom, mystikvelvet, john and i went to dinner at tokyo lights (japanese steak house tyre had recommended) and then went to visit our friend jamie for a bit before calling it an early evening
sunday - missed freak day at the zoo to go attend a family gathering for my aunt's 50th birthday and to see my cousin once more before he heads out west (he's moving to salt lake city i think) - zooom's car broke down 2x - on the way to and the way home from the gathering - blown coolant hoses because the thermostat had gone bad - after family gathering i went to grocery store and ran a few errands
monday - called out to work (blown hoses = no running car) - zooom got my car repaired though, i finished sewing zooom's shorts for freak day at 6 flags, did some more laundry, cooked a crock pot full of beef burgandy
tuesday - freak day at 6 Flags Great Adventure - got up way early, arrived at the park right around 10, had a very good time - the crowd was smaller than normal (no more than 100 people) - we rode all the coasters we wanted to ride - batman, nitro (2 or 3 times), medusa, superman (their new "flying style" coaster) - nitro is my favorite, but i was happy w/ all of them, hung out w/ friends, had a great day
weds/today - back at work, can't wait to go out tonight - thankfully my week is short and almost over
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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