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arrrghhhh!! i need a cocktail - now!!

1) they've told me i'm no longer going to have a job after july 11th, so why do i care how fucked up this place is or that i can't do my job because someone has hosed the network

2) tomorrow is eric's funeral

3) because i care about the customers i work with i have to stay late tonight in the hopes that the idiots who broke our network fix it so i can get these lines working

4) when my job goes away so does our cheap and fairly good health insurance - either we pay for my cobra coverage or we switch to zooom's work if that's possible, either way it's going to cost us

5) i obviously missed the deadline for my column in the city morgue this month (how come no-one sent out reminder e-mails?) since it comes out tomorrow (and i have a good topic idea too...)

6) i think i'm driving zooom a bit nuts - my emotions have been very flat lately and i'm not as motivated as usual (stress? new prescriptions? the weather?)

7) it's raining - again

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