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asleep at mal 9/09
6/17/03 21:41
asleep at mal 9/09
conversation w/ zooom

Z: Yamaha has updated their website...2004 model line up....and the FZ1 has an even prettier color available for 2004 in October....called Silver Raven....much prettier(I think) than the Silverstone I was looking at before...www.yamaha-motor.com...the bike is under super sport motorcycles...

me: so does that mean we can wait til october to buy your bike? and you won't drive me nuts til then?

Z: well...I'm really torn....I am REALLY.....
Z: did you look at it...I want your opinion

me: looking now'
me: that's pretty, but what does the one you've already looked at look like for comparison?

Z: is a lighter silver...not two tone....hold...lemmee see if I can find a good pic http://www.level66.com/modules/pictures/images/FZ1.jpg

me: not sure, but i think the original one looks more like chrome, and i kinda like that look, but it may be the pics... if that's the case, i think i actually like the older one better - two tone is nice, but the silver looks much more grey on the newer one

me: hmmm... either the new pic doesn't do it justice or the old one looks prettier to me
me: but you know i like shiny silver a lot!

Z: see...I am also thinking in contrast to my leathers the newer one I think would just maybe be a lil better looking...maybe it is just me
Z: maybe I am thinking too much like clothing accesories

me: lol... in contrast to your leathers?!
me: definately

Z: but with my leathers having different shades of silver and gunmetal grey with black and white...the 2 tone bike would look better
6/18/03 7:03 (UTC) - hahahahah

*wipes tears of laughter from eyes*

6/18/03 8:37 (UTC) - You'll have to let us all know which one is the choice!
Zooom: Such a Diva. The nice attributes, of course...

You two could not be more adorable. :)

My vote's for chrome-y finish...
6/18/03 9:41 (UTC) - Go for the bike, not the look.
It's why it's best to buy and dress in neutral leather gear. Once "the look" starts driving "the bike", you're a whole different kind of biker.

6/18/03 9:43 (UTC) - Re: Go for the bike, not the look.
tell that to zoooom
6/18/03 9:56 (UTC) - Re: Go for the bike, not the look.
Yeah, I can imagine that would flow well...

Zooom: "Okokok...so you're saying that the reflective piping on my jacket arms doesn't HAVE to match the side mirror trim? Seriously? Even outside of motor vehicle law? Where's my handbook..."

Moon: "We're going to need another whiteboard here, aren't we..."

6/18/03 12:38 (UTC) - Re: Go for the bike, not the look.
"We're going to need another white board here."

6/18/03 14:22 (UTC) - Re: Go for the bike, not the look.
So, if we chart the bike's intrinsic sexiness along the X axis, its accessorization potential along the Y axis, and its well-fittedness to your current wardrobe along the Z axis...
6/18/03 13:49 (UTC) - Re: Go for the bike, not the look.
But it's the same bike!
6/18/03 17:26 (UTC) - Re: Go for the bike, not the look.
they are in fact the same mechanical bike...but the motor on the 2004 is black as well as the 2 tone paint job on the tank,fairing,and tail whereas the tank,tail,and fairing on the other are all a single tone silver(which in person takes on a bit more to the grey look of things)..and of course the motor on the older one is a standard aluminum coloration...oh...and the decals are different too!....the only other distinguishable difference out of the box between the 2 is this...the older one comes with Bridgestone Battleaxe tires on it(not bad as far as tires go,one a 1-10 scale...they are a 7)-whereas the new 2004 supposedly comes with Metzler Sportec M1's(which on the same scale gets a raving 8.5-9)....maybe I am just thinking about the whole thing too much like a girl trying to match a purse to an outfit!
6/18/03 13:42 (UTC) - hey now...
...I don't see what's so funny. Zooom has some very good points there with regard to the color contrasting. Fashion is a very serious subject. My winter scarf is color-coordinated with my Cruiser...
6/19/03 18:50 (UTC)
Well, my new hair color is a great color contrast to the color of my Jetta. That is a partial reason why I chose the green Jetta over the other colors. I guess some of us freaks like to coordinate our vehicles with ourselves in some respect. That's just one of the things that make us freaks!