alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


conversation w/ zooom

Z: Yamaha has updated their website...2004 model line up....and the FZ1 has an even prettier color available for 2004 in October....called Silver Raven....much prettier(I think) than the Silverstone I was looking at bike is under super sport motorcycles...

me: so does that mean we can wait til october to buy your bike? and you won't drive me nuts til then?

Z: well...I'm really torn....I am REALLY.....
Z: did you look at it...I want your opinion

me: looking now'
me: that's pretty, but what does the one you've already looked at look like for comparison?

Z: is a lighter silver...not two tone....hold...lemmee see if I can find a good pic

me: not sure, but i think the original one looks more like chrome, and i kinda like that look, but it may be the pics... if that's the case, i think i actually like the older one better - two tone is nice, but the silver looks much more grey on the newer one

me: hmmm... either the new pic doesn't do it justice or the old one looks prettier to me
me: but you know i like shiny silver a lot!

Z: see...I am also thinking in contrast to my leathers the newer one I think would just maybe be a lil better looking...maybe it is just me
Z: maybe I am thinking too much like clothing accesories

me: lol... in contrast to your leathers?!
me: definately

Z: but with my leathers having different shades of silver and gunmetal grey with black and white...the 2 tone bike would look better

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