alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

i'm bored at work today

so since i've caught up on everything else i wanted to take care of today, i guess i'll fill you in on my weekend and what's coming up for the rest of the week:

thursday: after work, i grabbed dinner and headed to the 9:30 club to meet ray for the flock of seagulls/modern english/berlin show... arrived just before modern english finished their set with i'll melt with you; got ushered upstairs to the vip area to watch berlin... they were amazing!! they played loads of their older stuff which sounded awesome, but their new stuff was really good too - leaning toward ebm with a gorgeous female voice... after the show ray and i hopped into the car and headed for alchemy at the edge... disasterous evening there - bad music, drum and bass on the deck again (i don't really mind the people too much, but the music is so repetitive!! - i want the deck back for us!!), and drama which i couldn't avoid - i usually just walk away, but thursday zooom and i spent considerable time keeping our housemate from starting a fight in the club... not fun at all!!

friday: up, housework, errands, sewing, angitia and brian came over and fixed yummy steak & potatoes for dinner and we spent the evening hanging out and chatting

saturday: errands, trip to Ikea (grand opening - crowded, but great sale - spent under $100 for all the crap we needed for war including a cool chandelier for our pavillion when we get it), then to the arrr-b-que... great evening, twas good to see the timberwolves and friends, and best of all, i got to kidnap barry (of barry & walter) and tony fucking cupo to come dancing at orpheus for a few hours... the music was great (damn it 2501, find some djs who are as good as those at orpheus - please - or ask dj warring to spin at alchemy!!), dai from performed, definately a good time... then back to the arr-b-que where i hung out with friends and then joined multiple pretties in naked hot tubbing for a bit - mmmm... pretty naked girls and boys to look at before driving a "fuckered up" zooom home

sunday: up way too early, made breakfast, then sewing circle - finished all the partially completed projects and repairs, made a very nice looking kaftan for zooom from some brocade gryffon print fabric i aquired last war, helped mystikvelvet and azuresandstorm pattern some belly dance tops, took some measurements of troublesome1 for chemises and an irish dress, and then collapsed from exhaustion after folding the laundry

monday: slept in a bit (i needed it), made a dr's appointment for zooom, ran errands with him (including fabric to start cassie's garb), went to dr's with him (he has contact dermatitis, probably because the dog, damien got into some poison and zooom picked him up while he had it on his fur), then headed to see jennytheonly for a fabulous haircut... arrived home as ray and jessie were stopping by for visits, unloaded the car between watching fencing lessons (ray and mystikvelvet), fed zooom, got ray to help me dye my hair (i can do it myself, but it's less messy with help) and finally got to bed about 2 am...

tuesday: work, home - boring

today: mva (i now have permanent handicapped tags - finally) and work

tomorrow: more work, broken up by a female dr's consultation for me (must change my prescription - it is not working right) and then alchemy - this week drum & bass is in the small room because of a show, so we get the deck, and dayglodivine and pizzatram are spinning

friday: work again, probably stop by dave & buster's in rockville to wish ikirus a happy birthday

saturday: freak day at kings dominion - lotsa rollercoasters and scaring the normals - whee!! now... what to wear??

sunday: more sewing

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