alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

weekend update

thursday - alchemy; you probably already read my rant about that
friday - work, pick up lunch for freak day, sleep
saturday - freak day kings dominion... got up late (alarm didn't go off), but made it out of the house by 7:45 anyway, made it to the park about 9:45... zooom, pyrogus and i rode down together, angldst joined our group at the front gate... started the day with the volcano (best coaster of the day), spent some time chatting w/ folks at bubba gumps, hit the noon pictures, back inside we hit the water park for a while (brrr... the water was quite cold given that it was a gorgeous, comfortable temperature day for the first time in i don't know how many years), went out to have lunch, back into the park to ride hypersonic (well, zooom & angldst rode it anyway), the rebel yell, the hurler (never would have guessed we're adrenaline junkies, huh?), did the evening pictures and helped kitty & steve judge freak awards, then rode the drop zone, after which i was feeling dead and we decided to head out to the car to get rid of the excess crap we were carrying by that point... after chillig at the car for a bit we decided we'd had enough of the park and headed for home (1st time i've ever left kd before closing - just wasn't feeling up for more walking)... back at home, we all showered and went to broadway diner for a late dinner, then passed out watching monsters inc... the crowd at kd was quite small this year, but the day was still pretty good over all
sunday - freak sewing circle: fitted themichael for some pennsic garb, pre-washed a ton of fabrics, helped ikirus and azuresandstorm with some patterns and projects, finished one pair of pants for the michael and almost finished a pair for zooom (got to be late and the housemates were headed to bed), mcoletti came over late in the evening and joined us for yummy indian food for dinner (although the mild dishes were very spicy - zooom, azuresandstorm & john weren't too happy, but ikirus, mark and i were)... finally got everyone off toward home and headed for bed

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