alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

war crunch time - stitch & bitch galore

for those of you who are frantically trying to finish up garb for war, we will be
sewing every sunday this month, july 13, 20, and 27; also, i have several pieces
of garb (mostly smaller sized stuff) for sale that isabelle left to be sold plus
some stuff that i no longer wear... i am also making basic garb for folx who
need it between now and war - but i need to have you stop by the house so i
can get sizes if you are interested...

as i'm being laid off as of this friday (woo hoo - this is a good thing) i'll also be
sewing most weekday evenings except thursdays, so if you want to stop by the
ranch some evening and sew, let me know so we can set up a day/time


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