alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

finally caught up with all of you, so here's my update for the last week

wednesday: left work for the long weekend, stopped at wally world to see if they had the white linen look cotton i need for chemises - no dice, but i did get black and 10 yards of really nice purple on sale, then home to run about with zooom and pick up his second scirocco (this one's red, 1987, stock engine, but running better than the black one)

thursday: errands and sewing, when zooom got home i headed for rays to have my hair hawked for freaks united (hair came out fabulous, promise i'll icon the pics once they are scanned) and head to alchemy_dc... the music was great, i had a wonderful time dancing on the deck - so much so that i didn't care that my mohawk totally melted in the heat/humidity or that my arthritis was being very painful or that i totally missed the bands - i limped from the club at closing and made it home by about 5

friday: zooom & i woke a bit late, decided to take the bike for a ride and go out to lunch at the olney alehouse - it was closed :( so we headed to chrissy & dave's for the 4th of july festivities... nice, small gathering, hung out and chatted with people, left about 7ish to head home... we were initially going to head down to cabby's 4th party but never made it - just chilled on the couches and passed out early (tired from riding in the heat/sun in full leathers) - very nice way to spend the day

saturday: to zooom's grammy's to pick up pop-pop's old computer, we went out to lunch with her and she told me she has a 1946 singer cabinet machine her father the furrier bought for her as a wedding gift that she wants me to have... it needs service, but from what i've seen/heard about the old singers this will be a great machine to have... grocery store/errands then home... i did more sewing and unpacked while zooom fed the slithers, then he went out riding and to see t3, while i headed for orpheus with ray and funkergrrl and pyrogus where we met gandri and themichael... the music was not quite up to par (alchemy was better this week - odd) but the night was pretty good overall... headed back to the ranch where we were joined by bagel & christy and hammerforge for late night into stupid-o-clock conversations... finally got to bed about 6am

sunday: woke way too early (10am??) fixed huge breakfast and resumed sewing/hosted freak stitch & bitch... finished in the past week: 3 pants and 2 shirts for themichael, one pair of pants for zooom, pre-washing all the cottons (i think) that are laying about waiting to be sewn, patterns for cholis and keyhole vests, and help to ikirus on what is turning out to be a gorgeous cloak... later in the evening, ray and azuresandstorm came by - between their 2 arrivals, a tree fell in the storm and blocked the drive... so swampie women power plus zooom & ikirus (funkergrrl, azures., gandri, myself, mystkvelvet, ray (who may come visit us at war) and i) moved the tree with muscles and a DULL machetti to hack at the super heavy part until it could be broken... driveway cleared, we ordered pizza bolis for dinner, finished some more sewing and got everyone off to their respective homes

monday & tuesday: no work (last vacation days used), errands, housework, sewing, fabric shopping, etc were completed...

wednesday & today: work, tonight - alchemy_dc for dancing

tomorrow: last day at allegiance - woo hoo!!

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