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asleep at mal 9/09
quick update 
9/10/03 9:16
asleep at mal 9/09
still no working computer at home, but i have found a new job - working at another internet company as a customer service rep - bad thing is i have to be at work between 8 and 8:30 am which means 5:30 am wake up time - yuck!!

war was quite good (well except for all the rain) - i'll post details when i have time (ie: when our computer at home works!!)

due mainly to financial concerns (i was out of work from july 11th until this week, plus zooom wants to buy a new motorcycle this fall) we are not having a birthday party for zooom this year - we will be at alchemy_dc tomorrow night (his birthday starts at midnight), at orpheus saturday night and at renfaire on sunday for sure - please come out and celebrate with us
9/10/03 6:26 (UTC)
Please give zooom a big kiss from me for his birthday :)
9/10/03 6:38 (UTC)
Are you driving to Alchemy so we can buy Zooom drinks for his bday?
See you at Alchemy and maybe at Ren Fest. I'm going to check out the new DC club at The Edge on saturday night.
9/10/03 10:35 (UTC) - *YIPEEEEE*
Hello Beautiful Friend!

CONGRATS on new job!!!

Sorry about the early wake-up. I too have to get up waaaay earlier now for some reason. 30min to an hour job commute has now turned to close to 2 no matter what route I take. It has been that way since after Labor Day.

Happy bday to your boy. Give him some hugs and a bday spankin' ;)

Hugs, love, fun and mischief,

--- H

Hope to see ya both soon...Hoping other than Faire. :)
9/10/03 12:17 (UTC) - yay
yay on the job! i sadly won't be out @ alchemy because i'm stuck in school land and no ren faire for me this weekend because of work land...job stuff is definitely happy news :)

(it's jessie, if you didn't know)
9/10/03 13:18 (UTC)
Congratulations on the new job, hon!!!
9/10/03 13:25 (UTC)
Yay job! Working at Cogent? And please give your husband my best wishes on his birthday. You, of course, have my best wishes always. :)