alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

generic update

missed so much while i was unemployed and mostly computerless that i feel lost - i'm never going to catch up on all your posts so:
psyche how is london?
ashbet have you found a better job?
angldst sorry we aren't going to make the wedding - hope the prep is going well
sheepzeit and zwieblumen how's the house hunt and new job?
vicar how's being back in school?
i'm sure there are other things i'm curious about, but that's what i can remember right now - anything else i should know about, please post a response (or a link to your post) here so i can get caught up on the major stuff at least

as for me, i'm back at work at a new company, seems like it's going to be ok but i suspect i'll still have a hard time keeping up with all of you... zooom and i are currently busy beyond belief and cancelling plans for various events :P because we've got to move by december 1 and we hope to be able to buy a house to move into rather than continuing to rent, but other than that and all the stress and excitement that goes along with it, we're pretty good

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