alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


i had a decent time at alchemy_dc last night; male female was interesting, although the sound was mixed way too bass heavy (i ended up at the back of the room after a bit and it still felt like i was getting a shiatsu massage); because i watched most of the show, i spent less time than usual dancing - music wasn't bad on the club side when i was around to hear it (kudos to whoever played midnight oil!!)

managed to wake up on time for work, even metro'd to work (takes longer than driving) but i'm wicked sleepy (ok, so i'm a child of the 80's - i admit it!!) and can't wait to get out of here

weekend plans include sleep, housework, errands, possibe preliminary house hunting stuff, repairing my cloak (hey, it's getting cold out) for faire, dropping by a housewarming party tomorrow nite followed by orpheus, then faire on sunday

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