alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

massive update

thanks for the birthday wishes all; sorry i've missed making individual birthday wishes and comments to so many of you...


thursday - alchemy_dc was fun - spent most of the evening on the small side dancing and visiting with people, caught a bit of the vnv thing - wasn't bad, i was just more interested in dancing

friday - worked later than i wanted, but got home to good company and yummy food - indian inspired lamb dishes with rice and couscous followed by an awesome key lime cheesecake (one of the few deserts not too sweet for my tastes) was brought by staciadevi

saturday - got up, got my act together, and headed out to the phillips for the surrealism/modernism exhibit - the space there is small, but the collection they have brought in for this show is amazing... multiple images by picasso and dali and quite a few other great images/artworks - including an unexpected surprise - having seen multiple dali's previously i expected them all to be small - the paintings of his i've seen in the past including persistance of memory are all very small (think oversized greeting card at most) so i was amazed to see a dali that is roughly 4x6 - i've always been amazed with his level of detail, but the larger size painting allowed for even greater detail to be layered in... following the museum, utforsker led us to dupont for awesome greek food and a bit of shopping, then we headed home to dress for dinner and orpheus

saturday night - a good sized group of us went to bandaloops in baltimore for a yummy dinner, then to orpheus to dance, drink, and dance some more... everyone seemed to have a good time and you all looked fabulous

sunday - slept in a bit, cheesecake and bagels for breakfast, dress and head to faire - we got there late but had a good afternoon - busy with friends i never got out of the area of the white heart; after faire we headed to cantina di italia for a delicious dinner - they gave us the room next to the bar (there were about 30 of us) and i very much enjoyed having my friends help celebrate my birthday - thanks everyone

wednesday - my actual birthday - i worked, went home and crashed

thursday - alchemy again, a decent night, music not as good as recently but still ok... i was wiped out (work kicking my ass) so we left earlier than usual

saturday - orpheus with pyrogus was strange - the music was off most of the evening, so i didn't dance as much as usual (hey every club has a bad night once in a while) but it was still fun - had some good conversations between dancing, then after the club we made a short visit to the bowie house for the mcgroyne halloween bash - got there very late (go figure) but caught the end of the party - seemed like people had a good time

sunday - drove to pa to celebrate birthdays (i was born on mom's 18th b-day so we make it a point to get together to celebrate) and visit mom and grandma - had a yummy lunch, mom really liked her gift (pretty black & white gauze skirt - she's complimented mine several times so now she has one of her own) and grandma's recovering from surgery to remove a growth in her stomach fairly well

work is still pretty awful, but i'm starting to get used to the routine - come in, system is broken again, spend the day dealing with it, go home

house stuff is proceeding - got turned down by my credit union, so we need to find another lender - yesterday i applied at lending tree and we've got a couple of possibilities there but i'm hoping to find a local lender who can give us more personal attention and perhaps a better rate

that's about it for now... hoping the house stuff comes together fast - zooom and i are slowly starting to pack - bleh, i detest moving - but otherwise things aren't bad

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