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asleep at mal 9/09
quick update 
11/19/03 19:32
asleep at mal 9/09
life - busy as hell, strange, happy, sad, stressful
work - still not great, but i'm starting to adjust to the daily disaster
zooom - fabulous and wonderful as always
househunt - slow - found a house sunday that we wanted to make an offer on; the owners accepted an offer while we were still out looking at houses (saw it at 2pm, contract accepted at 5pm) - need to be more decisive
sick - missed a ton of stuff in the last couple of weeks - caught a nasty, lingering cold and decided that the intelligent choice was home, soup sleep rather than dinner & dancing or going to see friends - sorry if i missed you
lj - way behind, went back 200 messages today and caught up a bit - sorry if i missed anything important (i'll probably be online only sporadically while we're hunting a new home and work is as crazy as it is, so if it's important, call me)
friends - you are all awesome - thanks for that
11/19/03 17:48 (UTC)
Feel better soon - The Asylum is thinking about you, :)
11/19/03 19:24 (UTC)
Wow, sounds like things are really busy. House hunting is so stressful but still so much fun (in the end).

And it seems like a lot of people are getting sick these days....
11/20/03 6:47 (UTC)
*GREAT BIG BRAIDYHUGS* and lots of love, healing mojo, house mojo, and just mojo. But no mojo jojo.
11/20/03 6:53 (UTC)

Call me about the packing stuffs and moving stuffs.
11/20/03 7:00 (UTC)
Good to hear all is steady :) ::hugs and suchlike::
11/20/03 7:18 (UTC) - Hey Beautiful....

When it comes time for your move, Ike and I are here for you, just keep us posted if you would like our help.

We're having an impromptu hangout at our house tonight if you and Zooom are feeling up to it. Take-out (really good indian and chinese by us too), fun games and/or movie.

LOTS of love, hugs, fun and mishief,

--- H

11/20/03 19:55 (UTC) - I so know what you are talking about
goodluck on house hunting, jade and I ahde the same problem was looking at the house when the offer went in. But Don't worry when you find it you definitely know it. But good luck all the same. Get better soon too, being sick just plain old sucks.

11/27/03 12:01 (UTC)
lj - way behind, went back 200 messages today and caught up a bit

you and me both, sister. i'm hitting it for the first time (with a couple of pathetically short exceptions) in over a month. geez, people can type up a storm in that time....

zooom - fabulous and wonderful as always

always good to have a safe port to come back to. just ask Kaz (not to toot my own horn, but...)

g'luck on the house thing. and get healthier, dammit!