alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

thank you all

for the congratulations on the house...

and now, djkangal's friday five from last week

1. What is your (physically) oldest possession? What is the story behind it?
not sure if it's the copies of louisia may alcott's little women series that my grandma gave me or the pink gold watch that was my great grandmothers' - i know the watch dates to about 1910 (and it still works - i wear it on formal occasions sometimes)

2. What is your most valued (material)possession? Why?
2 things here... my corset collection - they are beautiful and fit well and i love wearing them, and my books - as some of you know i'm an avid reader, and i have been collecting books of all types forever - from the alcotts listed above to the latest terry pratchett to gabrielle garcia marquez and tony morrison

3. What is your most expensive possession? What's the story behind it? (Don't say your car, even though that's probably the technically correct answer)
probably the wide screen tv in the living room (although the new computer is probably a close second)

4. What is the first material possession that you can remember? Do you still have it? furry kitten pillow cover with pocket for pj's/etc i got at about age 2 - i remember my dad giving it to me one weekend when he came home from college and interrupted mom and grandma putting drops in my recently operated on eyes (i was lying on the kitchen table kicking and screaming as usual until he came in with kitty) - it disintegrated sometime when i was in kindergarden and mom washed it and was replaced with a patchwork stuffed dog a few days later

5. What possession do you have that you would like to get rid of, but cannot? Why?
the ugly, stained lazyboy chair in the garage - can't afford to replace it, and it's too damn comfortable not to keep until we can

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