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asleep at mal 9/09
home inspection update; bells & jody may be at alchemy thursday 
12/10/03 10:42
asleep at mal 9/09
home inspection went well - house is in good shape physically, it does need a new furnace, but has a home warranty, so we are trying to get the owner to take care of that before we move in...

location is in silver spring - off of conneticut not too far south of georgia avenue

for those of you who know bells & jody, they are back on the east coast for a short visit, and are hoping to drive down from jersey to come out to alchemy this thursday... bells called last night and requested that i spread the word

jesterswife - please ask zooom about lizzie - this one is his decision to make as he'll have to do most of the work taking care of her
12/10/03 7:50 (UTC)
Sorry so late: CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

Glad you found a place sweetie, if you need any help or anything, let me know.

12/10/03 8:03 (UTC) - You're new home...
is SOOOOOOOOOO close to where I work! :)

I'm giddy silly happy for you both!

- H
12/10/03 8:51 (UTC) - weee
yay for you guys. glad things are starting to go better for oyu.
12/10/03 10:40 (UTC)
Yea! You live closer to me now. So I can see you guys more often without having to pack a suitcase(grin).
12/10/03 10:47 (UTC)
sorry to chime in so late, but I wanted to give you a huge CONGRATS! sounds like things are all coming together :) I'd love to come over and see you guys next time I'm in town :)
12/10/03 11:47 (UTC)
nice, convenient location!

12/10/03 20:20 (UTC)
Glad that you guys found a place. Silver Spring is a great location, or I had thought so when I lived there heh.