alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

update stuff

weds - work holiday party - not bad, good food and open bar right up the street from the office

thurs - work, then alchemy at nation... had a great evening; divabellz & jody were in town for the evening, the music was pretty decent (at least on the club side), and i got loads of compliments on my new dress - just need to modify it before i wear it out again (long sleeved vinyl = too hot to dance in); bells & jody followed me back to the house for the night

friday - training in herndon, then home to try to absorb mysql; hung out with bells & jody in the afternoon, packed for yule and headed to jersey en caravan of 3 - slept in the car, got to the hotel, checked in, and slept more - i was not feeling well at all!!

saturday - yule feast was excellent - good food, good company, good music, and zooom won the raffle for the surround sound system (sony htc-800dp 600w 5.1 surround sound with 5 disk dvd player) - that will make a great addition to the new house and our wide screen hdtv; after yule was the pj party in the hotel - fun, but as i still wasn't feeling great i went upstairs and chilled after about 1am - sorry i didn't hang out later but i couldn't do it

sunday - woke up to snow... lots of it... took our time packing/loading cars, helped staciadevi get her room cleaned up, dug out the vehicles (4? inches by noon) and headed for lou & robs for brunch - excellent yummy food and more good friends - miss stacia - i want the recipe for those eggplant thinggies - several more inches fell while we ate quickly, then we loaded back up and headed for home - caravan of 5 cars this time - slow going, but snow eventually gave way to sleet then finally heavy rain as we headed south - stopped for yummy hunan manor chinese (in columbia) on the way home, hung out a bit and chatted with people then went to bed at a decent hour - we'll unpack and clean up during the week

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