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asleep at mal 9/09
calm, focus 
12/17/03 13:46
asleep at mal 9/09
nothing has changed since yesterday, but i went home last night, ignored everything i was supposed to do and relaxed in my chair for a few hours, then got a good nights sleep; today is a new (and nasty weatherwise) day and i am much more in control

trying to focus on the positive such as my wonderful supportive friends and the fact that we have a house to move into is helping

also, being told by my immediate supervisors that they don't expect me to know everything about the new system helps - they are going to get us time to learn how the system works and fix the problems before we continue moving customers

thanks everyone :)

p.s. i'm trying to cut back on my smoking in spite of all this stress - monday only 2; yesterday 3; today 1 so far... i want to get back to being a social smoker again - in part because of the increasing cost of cigarettes, and in part because i know it's bad for me... please send me cutting back mojo if you have any to spare
12/17/03 11:12 (UTC)
::sends cutting back mojo::

Sounds like you did precisely what you needed to last night :)
12/17/03 11:22 (UTC)

~~~sending cutting back mojo your way~~~
***Going 1 month now of no smoking......well okay, this past saturday was so stressfull -- missing yule because of a stupid ass fight -- that I had 4 cigarettes****

Glad that things have gotten better for you. I am also glad that everything has worked out on getting a house! Always thinking of you.
12/17/03 11:49 (UTC)
i have some spare mojo. success mojo! i've not had a single cigarette/drag in over eleven weeks. tis built up, i will direct it your way. it really helps in dancing to not be smoking as much!

12/17/03 12:16 (UTC)
12/17/03 12:21 (UTC)
::anti-smokes mojo::

and while I'm at it...

::anti-stress mojo to make the first part easier::
12/17/03 12:34 (UTC)
Lots and lots o' mojo - cutting back mojo and things getting better/less stressful mojo. *hugs*
12/17/03 15:59 (UTC)
Major mojo on the way. I know we haven't spent a lot of time together, but I've always liked you and I know you're a good person (and Zooom is a trip); and I'm really proud that you're willing to try. I'd never outright tell anyone to quit--I'll just ask them not to let the smoke hit my face cuz I'm kinda allergic--but when they say "I'm cutting back" I give them total full support. Adam is doing well with that, too.
12/18/03 7:23 (UTC)
Less smokeing mojo to you. I've managed to cut back so that I don't smoke at work. It's the driving part that gets me.

Hugs. This too shall pass. Let me know when the great Pack/Move shindig happens.

12/18/03 7:41 (UTC) - Impressive
Cutting back as much as you have is quite impressive in and of itself. Congratulations! More Goal Oriented and Supportive MOJO...
12/18/03 11:15 (UTC) - No smokey, sexy mama!
Limit those smokey treats! You can do it!

THANK THE GODS that your job is being reasonable, for once.

See? No guns involved, either. *giggle*

Dance out all that stress! Have fun w/ Ray.

you can do it..you can do it..

Expect me to nag ya next weekend if you're puffing much.