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asleep at mal 9/09
please pass this on - from tafkar among others 
12/18/03 15:49
asleep at mal 9/09
This is the American Family Association's poll. They are going to present the results to congress to show that Americans don't favor marriage for homosexuals. Unless, of course, that's not how the results end up.

12/18/03 13:11 (UTC)
unless they're using windows... then they can modify the results as they see fit. (Diebold)
12/18/03 13:35 (UTC)
How about I am opposed to the creation of a law about what kind of marriage is legal?

I dislike all of the options, as the first is stupid, the third is pointless and I don't think that who I do and don't have a relationship with should have anything to do with the law.
12/18/03 13:38 (UTC)
And their second and third options kinda split the vote.
12/18/03 13:50 (UTC)
they probably think they are slick putting stuff like that in there.
12/18/03 13:37 (UTC) - AFA
Heh... i would NOT put it past them to fix the results to their liking...
12/18/03 14:37 (UTC)
The polls going to be biased in their favor because the majority of the trafic on their site is going to be pro-lifers, that being what they are.
12/18/03 14:40 (UTC)
i know... the whole point is that if enough non-members log on and vote it will skew the results
12/18/03 15:18 (UTC)
I wonder how closely they are keeping track of voters? I have 6 emails i can vote with :)