alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

bored (can you tell)

i've already gotten the hang of not truly caring about my job, so when things are slow i have a bad tendency to do anything but work - problem is that then i get bored... so here i am at work, i most likely have to work late (outage, only other tech scheduled w/ access to certain systems is working solely on that, and i'm bored, doing busywork, and posting here - sorry if i'm boring you all

thought i'd update on recent clubbing/events

was pretty decent - twas great to have ray home from london and out, i got to see the beautiful djpsyche briefly, saw ian, monte, joe, and a bunch of other non-locals who were in town for the holidays, plus a ton of locals who don't often come out because of work, etc... all in all the night was good; the music was unfortunately spotty for dancing (too much goth on the club side at times) but better than the bad weeks, and it was great to see/hear dj brian.s back - he played some wicked old-school sets on the concert floor... and dayglodivine ended the night with some less frequently played 80's, and 2501 spun a track from black celebration too... i was also quite pleasantly surprised by the number of people who dressed for the evening - looks like the reduced admission motivated people to pull out all the stops, and i hope putz and dave got lots of pics

saw dad, stepmom kimberly and stepsister courtney for lunch thanksgiving weekend as they were not going to be in the area at x-mas; had a nice visit, probably won't see them til the spring

celebrated x-mas with mom and grandma last saturday - even though we told mom we didn't want to exchange gifts this year because of buying the house, she went overboard as usual - got a ton of stuff for the new house - everyday glassware & dishes, new bath towels, a phone, etc... she wouldn't even let me buy the great greek lunch we brought up with us (when we snuck out w/out getting money from her she insisted on sending a check - think i'll forget to cash it)... after that we dropped by to see my sister, brother in law and nephews - zooom had picked out this nifty remote mini rc set w/ cool track for the boys - they are probably struggling with setting up the track now that the basement playroom is no longer off limits due to gift storage, but the boys like the car... oh, and i got 2 bottles of amaretto from my family - it's nice they finally learned what i drink

celebrated hanukka with zooom's mom's family sunday - 1st the unveiling service of his pop-pop's grave, then an intimate family lunch - brisket and latkas and green bean casserole

dropped by to see zooom's dad stepmom/step siblings yesterday after work - very brief visit (i could hardly keep my eyes open) but zooom's stepmom jane picked out gorgeous wineglasses and glass tags for us for the new house - wonder if they make snifters to match, and his brother alan got us a diy starter kit - drop cloths, brushes, rollers, spackle, paint trays, etc for the new house - way cool and thoughtful

overall, things are pretty decent, looking forward to yule celebration tomorrow; kinda bummed that i work new years eve and new years day, but i have a job and i need my job, so cest la vie - probably spend the evening at home packing or something fun like that - at least i'm planning on going out on thurs the 1st to alchemy_dc

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