alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

packing party/weekend update

first, for those of you who have asked if we need help moving/getting ready to move/etc to let you know, here you are: while we are hoping to have actual moving men come do the worst of the physical labor in early february, extra hands to box things up and empty the attic would be great... so sunday we are having a packing party - we'll provide food, sodas and beer for all and sundry who are free to assist with the 1st major round of packing... please let me know in advance if you are going to come by and have special requests (ie: veggie food, sugar free sodas, etc)

friday night - arrived home, did some straightening in the living room, kitchen and garage, isabelleuna arrived, i fixed kosher beef franks for dinner, did some more house stuff and crashed

saturday - woke early, did laundry, cleaned up kitchen, went with isabelleuna and frogmaus to get supplies for dieflederyule, frogmaus & mystikvelvet and i prepped food, died hair, decorated for pyrogus while he was in the living room watching tv (ever try to prep for a surprise party when the guest of honor is at home?! thank goddness gus was mainly oblivious and is helped keep him occupied with conversation)

saturday evening - diefleders started arriving about 7 to finish decorating (bat tree, etc) and the party started for real (as per standard diefledertime) about 10pm... hung out with loads of friends and "family" including some kindred who came out especially for gus' surprise, zooom passed out from exhaustion (he worked all day) - 1st on the sofa, then he tried to wake up by going outside to the fire pit for a bit, then he gave up and went to bed... secret satan was exceptionally disorganized even for diefledermaus standards, finally started about 12:30 - zooom & i won red rope lights and a chrome bar serving set... ate yummy fondue, meatballs, some of angitia's dips and stayed up way too late for how early i woke up... fabulous evening though...

sunday was a lazy day, got up about 11am, cleaned up and served easy breakfast, hung out with folks, ordered yummy mexican for dinner, went to bed early

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