alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

happy 2004

we spent a quiet night at home with a few friends which was the perfect way to spend new years since zooom & i had to work yesterday and i worked today...

boring day - slow as molasses day at work, so the day was spent catching up on tickets and other busy work, but at least work bought yummy italian food for lunch again

upcoming plans - alchemy_dc tonight, work tomorrow (tgif), and begin packing in earnest this weekend - for folks who are free to come by and help, we'll have food and beer for you sunday - i made a yummy chicken/beef/sausage italian stew and have orzo to go with it, plus stacidevi left us a veggie casserole, german potato salad, and imported german bologna from die flederyule and we have the usual munchie stuff about - hummus, good cheeses, crackers, pretzels, etc... anytime after 11am sunday we'll be up and working

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