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asleep at mal 9/09
must not kill 
1/2/04 14:14
asleep at mal 9/09
work is insane - ongoing, escalated server issues, no-one has access except the guy they fired who's last day was 12/31 - remain calm, be nice to customers, remember guns are illegal in dc

house closing is tuesday, and today the mortgage company decides they urgently need a half a dozen things they haven't already gotten, plus new copies of a few others - immediately or we will have to postpone closing

and our insurance agent just called, apparently mortgage company insists that homeowners insurance cover full selling price of house and land, when homeowners insurance is solely to cover replacement value of the house - if the land falls into a sinkhole or an earthquake swallows up the space, we're not getting the land back - and according to usaa not only is it unethical to insure for more than the value of the structures, it is also illegal in maryland to do so

i want a cocktail and a cigarette now please
1/2/04 12:05 (UTC)
Guns may be illegal, but picturing people you're irritated with in hysterical compromising situations will always be mercifully there for us.

Hang on, weekend soon. If anybody can do it, you can.
1/2/04 12:59 (UTC)
Yes, but large sticks are not illegal. You can claim temporary insanity.
1/2/04 13:07 (UTC) - hehe
large sticks...yes yes that is a good idea. and PMS is a legal defense used with temp insanity pleas......here wanna stick?

*hugs* hang in there hon.
(Deleted comment)
1/2/04 13:51 (UTC) - Re: another thing to look out for...
thank you for the sage advice