alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


work is evil, why do we need to have jobs just so we can have money? why can't people pay us to do things we actually enjoy instead? wishful thinking

on the bright side of things, house closing is tomorrow, i had a pretty good weekend, and i get to leave work early (so i can be poked and prodded by my doctor in prep for minor outpatient procedure to be scheduled soon i hope)

weekend re-cap:

friday - retail therapy is bad, decided to return the pointy toed boots - i really don't need them, but i'm keeping the pair of practical ones

saturday - lazy day, read, napped, relaxed, went to orpheus with azuresandstorm and funkergirl - strange night - really good music at times although it wasn't moving me terribly - twas strange - the "gothy" ebm wasn't doing it for me, i wanted something more upbeat, yet i finally started dancing when adam spun the cure, peter murphy, duran duran (the chauffer), and the smiths all in a row - since when do i find goth music more upbeat?

sunday - major packing, day 1 - zooom and i have some wonderful friends - azuresandstorm, funkergirl, frogmaus, mkblack and kaboodles all came over to assist - we managed to get both attics cleared of our stuff, that stuff sorted (some of it is going to ebay), the living room entertainment center/bookcases packed, the rest of the action figures boxed up, and the books from the basement sorted and packed - i ache today from all the lifting and carrying, but am amazed at how much we accomplished yesterday - i suspect we'll have another packing day in 2 weeks to finish the majority of the large stuff (sewing machines & fabrics, garb and clothes we don't need every day, etc) - i'll keep you posted

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