alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

thanks and stuff

thank you all for the congratulations on the house!! and now, an update

1) for those of you who asked and are free, we're doing more packing this weekend - saturday and sunday anytime after 11am; can't promise the food will be as yummy as last time as one of the things to be packed this weekend is the kitchen, but there are some good carryout places nearby and we'll have sodas/beer/etc

2) house closing was not what we expected, loads of changes in our loan from what we agreed to and what the mortgage said when we arrived at closing - needless to say, formal complaint will be filed against our mortgage broker soon

3) other than the mortgage things (which we fully expect to make us exceedingly broke for the next few months) we are both very happy with the house and looking forward to moving

4) after closing went to meet some of zooom's motorcycle club for dinner at cheeburger cheeburger - food was not bad at all, but restaurant was freezing cold - next time i'll suggest carry out unless it's summery out - also was amazed to see belinda (she's about my size) eat their whole one-pound (20 oz before cooking) burger for dinner

5) saturday sucked at 1st - woke up and went to costco/price club to pick up contractor bags for packing and cleaning supplies, etc for when we move into the new house - while i was shopping someone stole my keys off the cart (they were clipped on w/ one of my carabiners) - who would steal random keys? and is there a reason why the staff of the store could care less about the fact that this happened? things like this make me hate people

6) saturday continued - pyrogus picked up a copy of my keys from zooom and came to rescue me; then we waited for kaboodles and frogmause and went to see the new house - everyone seemed to like it

7) saturday night - quick dinner with zooom & pyrogus, then funkergirl and deadmoonrising came to join gus & i for the trip to orpheus - music was much more reasonable this week, although the guest dj sucked - bad heavy metal should not be played at a g/i club (and it showed - empty floor, and they got him off the board early to boot)

8) sunday - productive day - 5 loads of laundry washed, folded, put away, and i began the project of once again purging my wardrobe of stuff i haven't worn in 6 months to a year - progress is being made slowly, but there is still a lot of stuff to be done (and getting zooom to purge his wardrobe promises to be difficult, but i really don't want to move stuff we don't need)

9) yesterday attempted to contact costco to find out if someone had turned in the keys (like pyrogus said, the thief probably thought they could push a button on the keys and the car would beep and when they couldn't find the car they would drop the keys) and got put on hold, transferred and hung up on for about 45 minutes straight - then i decided to stop at the store since no human being was willing to check for the keys via the phone... after about 20 minutes someone finally stopped at the main desk to help me, the keys were found after still more waiting from me (apparently they were found saturday night, but no-one bothered to notify me - another complaint to be made here) - gah, people suck

10) i think parts of the grumpyness and irritablity i'm having are due to the extreme cut back in my cigarette intake - i'm stressed out and this is really hard, but i'm trying to keep it down to 2 or 3 cigarettes/day max (i can do this w/out killing people, really i can)

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