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asleep at mal 9/09
1/16/04 16:49
asleep at mal 9/09
it's finally almost the weekend

i am thrilled that i don't have to come back to work for 2 days after i leave at 7 tonight

i am also thrilled that my test results came back good, now i wait for them to schedule the outpatient procedure - this is a good thing

other good things - went to check out construct on weds - amazing space, good music, not enough people but hopefully that will change - think i'm going to try to drag zooom out with me next week (after we both take naps when we get home from work) - club was empty except for staff and funkergirl and mkblack when i arrived - apparenty 11:30 is the time to show up

more packing this weekend, and probably dancing saturday night at orpheus
1/16/04 14:03 (UTC) - YAY!
I am happy that you med results came out okay and your OP procedure goes smoothly.

Where is Construct? Ike is on another loooong travel schedule for work so I will have a LOT of free time. Both fortunate and unfortunate. ;)

I am still planning on coming to help you on Saturday after 11am. Would you still like me to come by and if so, do you need anything to help things along (ie: packing tape, beverages, snacks, etc)??


1/16/04 14:26 (UTC) - Re: YAY!
extra hands=awesome; packing supplies are fairly well in hand, excpet that more newspaper would be good for wrapping kitchen stuffs in; food, drinks, etc are also taken care of - thanks though :)
1/16/04 14:05 (UTC)
first of all, I think you mean mkblack.

second, what, you don't get MLKJ Day off?
1/16/04 14:27 (UTC)
thanks for the correction, nope - no mlk holiday for me (remember i worked x-mas and new years - you think they'll give me that one off?)
1/16/04 14:59 (UTC)
I wish I had known you were going to Construct. I stayed home trying to get over the tail end of a cold.

A weird thing happens at that club - people come in and see it's dead, so they leave .. then other people come in and see it's dead, so they leave .. Hopefully it'll pick up once it warms up some.