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asleep at mal 9/09
i want this corset 
1/16/04 18:50
asleep at mal 9/09
in leather, possibly the blue she shows in the fabric choices, or another non-black color


i saw a young lady wearing one of these corsets at convergence last spring and was blown away by the cut and craftsmanship of the corset... the strap up to the model's neck was not on the corset the young lady was wearing (i think it's a bra or undershirt for the shoot) - now to save $500 or so to afford it
1/16/04 16:13 (UTC) - WOW!
Note to self: Save $5K for shopping spree of corsets and fab vintage clothes from Nola!
1/16/04 18:09 (UTC)
Beautiful but *phew*! You would save a lot of money on the exchange rate by just buying from someone in the US.

Maybe the straps in the picture are custom.