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asleep at mal 9/09
saturday & sunday were very productive as far as packing goes, thanks… 
1/19/04 17:22
asleep at mal 9/09
saturday & sunday were very productive as far as packing goes, thanks to loads of help from lilkender, gandri, funkergirl, nvqrjaaajkss and her hubby ike, and mkblack - the garage that used to house the mustang is nearly filled with our stuff, but we've gotten 2/3 to 3/4 of the stuff packed and now we're getting down to the nit-picky little stuff and things we need for the next 2 weeks

saturday night we headed to orpheus - even zooom came out - the music was quite excellent, plus we got to see kaija, rinesin, voronx and tauna, jess and the trailer for baltica - the film looked intriguing, and jess did the makeup and has a role as do multiple other balto/dc freaks. i danced a lot and perhaps drank a bit more than i should have, but pyrogus was driving so it really didn't matter - seemed everyone had a good night
1/21/04 17:28 (UTC)
Argh! Wish our timing wasn't coinciding and we could help you too. Let us know when your moving date is. Maybe we can schedule our house stuff around it and give you a hand. :D
1/22/04 14:03 (UTC) - is all good
wish we weren't moving so we could help you tear up your house :)

we're actually planning on paying movers so while we're scheduled to move next weekend (feb 1) we don't really need help with that - i would rather pay someone who will be insured to move the hdtv and the ton of ofther stuff that needs to go

good luck with your house stuff - we'll have to make sure we don't schedule our house warming parties at the same time ;) (ours won't be until sometime in may at the earliest)
1/22/04 14:39 (UTC) - Re: is all good
Ah! Movers are wonderful. Though be careful, we had a bad experience with 2 guys & a truck. Oh no worries about coinciding house warming. We have so much work to get done that it'll probably be summer before we'll be ready for that. We aren't even moving till the end of Feb.