alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

saturday & sunday were very productive as far as packing goes, thanks to loads of help from lilkender, gandri, funkergirl, nvqrjaaajkss and her hubby ike, and mkblack - the garage that used to house the mustang is nearly filled with our stuff, but we've gotten 2/3 to 3/4 of the stuff packed and now we're getting down to the nit-picky little stuff and things we need for the next 2 weeks

saturday night we headed to orpheus - even zooom came out - the music was quite excellent, plus we got to see kaija, rinesin, voronx and tauna, jess and the trailer for baltica - the film looked intriguing, and jess did the makeup and has a role as do multiple other balto/dc freaks. i danced a lot and perhaps drank a bit more than i should have, but pyrogus was driving so it really didn't matter - seemed everyone had a good night

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