alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


yesterday - exhausted, but had a great time at alchemy_dc anyway - a few drinks, conversation, hugs & flirting w/ friends, a bit of dancing - the music wasn't bad and i really enjoyed vikki's (sp?) set - finally made it home and crashed about 3

today - woke up at 7ish (wft?? i didn't have to be up til 8:30 today) and couldn't go back to sleep - tonight i will knock myself out for sure - work is work - tired, cranky, more broken mail shit all day, but i'm about done now -

time for the weekend to begin - we will be heading up to orpheus saturday night if anyone wants to come - we shall caravan from the ranch, leaving at about 8:30pm; tomorrow when i manage to wake up from the much needed sleep i intend to do more packing (i'm going to attack the sewing stuff) and perhaps start on our taxes (still waiting on my w2 from md unemployment, but i can start w/out that) - i suspect a refund will be coming, and i'd like to get that asap to put in the bank for house stuff - finally getting really excited about moving (and i'm sick of packing)

hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend

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