alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


i hate this place

i had a really decent weekend - went home friday, ate dinner and took a sleeping pill so i slept for like 13 hours, then spent the rest of saturday alternately napping and reading (as opposed to working on more packing - procrastination bug but oh well)

saturday night we went to orpheus - good music, loads of friends, met a really interesting couple cesar & mo through voronx & tauna who recently relocated to the area from la, and loads of dancing made for a very good night even though i was having problems w/ my car door latches being frozen open (ie: had to pour hot water in drivers side latch to get it to close on the way home)

yesterday was spent entirely indoors - packed up sewing stuff in living room, about 1/2 of the computer desk, loads of miscellaneous stuff in the living room has been sorted out and packed

today woke up early to 6"+ of snow on my car and doors still frozen - i managed to get the snow cleared off the car (lots, but light and fluffy snow - whee!!) and all but the front passenger door closed after more hot water (that one is shut w/ a bungee cord through the handle and around the seat) and make it to work on time and even in a decent mood, only to arrive in customer support hell

we had a power outage in one of our colocation/hosting facilities with "guaranteed" backup power thanks to some testing of the building's fire alarms; our web hosting customers have been down since the saturday and no-one can diagnose the problem; and the dialer software for international users is down - phones are ringing off the hook, and customers are furious, and i can't take any more at the moment so i decided to try the list of good things tafkar suggested

1) i had a good weekend
2) the snow is pretty and it's not too windy out, just cold
3) my husband and my friends make me feel happy, sexy, appreciated, and loved

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