alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

more work ranting

things today are worse than yesterday if that is possible... our web servers were down all day yesterday along with a major outage in new york due to a power failure... to piss me off further, our web admin left yesterday afternoon with the servers still down, and didn't get things back online until about 9pm

today we have another major outage in new york, plus one in canada, and one in austin; the mail servers for our customers are only partially working (the web interface that half of them use has been intermittently down all day), there are still dial up outages, and oh yeah, the web servers have gone down again, and once again the admin has gone home w/ the servers still down

i'm really looking forward to more of this shit; and tomorrow we get to migrate 60,000+ clueless e-mail customers to the new mail system, most of whom have not registered for the migration and most of whom don't know how to change their outlook settings...

must remember killing is bad

good things not working at all today; need many cocktails, bounce & stomp, and probably some good sex

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