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asleep at mal 9/09
house :) 
2/3/04 22:24
asleep at mal 9/09
we've started staying at the house, so we're not really reachable at the ranch anymore - call one of our cells to reach us or send us an e-mail

we moved our bedroom over to the new house sunday; the rest of our life will move this saturday - wheeee!!

i'm tired and achy from lifting/carrying/moving and work still sucks - we thought we only had around 250 customers totally down with the web server issues; we were wrong, there are about 625 - i'm going to apologize in advance for all the venting you're going to see here in the next few weeks about that

tomorrow we head to home depot to pick paint colors for our bedroom - we're thinking white upper walls & ceiling with a deep purple and royal blue below a chair rail
2/3/04 20:14 (UTC)

if you need help saturday, I have to work an overnight friday -- but later in the day maybe . . .
2/4/04 7:50 (UTC) - HOUSE! YAY! HOUSE!
..I'm still stuck on that tired refrain..;) House..house..house! *bop bop bop*

Those colors sound most you, sweetie. I am so thrilled you're starting to get to make your house yours.

Hey - when you have all the paint schemes picked out, ya gonna have painting party? Many of us will work like dogs for pizza & beer, as long as we have enough room to shower after. :)

Stop apologizing - vent away - 'das what we is hyeah fo'!

I'm tickled to realize that you & HEather now live very close. T'will making visitng two of the hottest women I know very easy.

Tomorrow's Thursday! *dancin'-house ownin' - cocktail-quaffin '* mojo to you.

Kisses many -