alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

and now, a real update

last week was very rough, but i'm doing somewhat better mentally this week, so at least that's good

thursday i worked from home (i was in no shape emotionally to deal with the stress of being in the office - things at work continue to be a disaster and i would have lost it), then zooom and i went to alchemy_dc for a bit... music on the club side was decent, i danced and visited with friends - thank you all for the hugs and support

friday went ok; after zooom picked me i we stopped for boston market (i wanted chicken and mashed potatoes) and then came home where i ate and passed out

saturday alternated between sleep and work about the house - i finished unpacking all the kitchen stuff i could find (there's still some missing, but it'll turn up eventually and it's nothing we can't live without for a few weeks), zooom began the process of fixing some of the issues with the bar, and we hung lights for the stairs/hallway in the basement

sunday we finished the lights and started hanging closet rod in the utility room (i know you understand that even with a walk-in closet only about 1/2 our wardrobes fit inside) and then i spent most of the rest of the day reading and napping while zooom went to take his friend mary shopping for some "girly clothes"

yesterday was back to work, another day in the trenches, and home to be annoyed at home depot (ordering 3 doorknobs and deadbolts took about an hour - and it wasn't the line) and grab groceries, then work for another hour and a half

today is more of the same, except no work at home tonight (i'm ignoring what needs done) - instead pyrogus is coming over for dinner - spagetti & meatballs - and to hang out on his night off

i'm really looking forward to alchemy this week as i was too tired saturday to go out; hope to see loads of you there and that the music is good so i can dance away some of this stress and frustration

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