alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

weekend plans, venting

several of you have said you'd like to help paint as we work on the new house, so we're going to start on the bedroom, this saturday - anyone who wants to come by after 12 to paint with me (we're doing solid white above a chair rail and purple and blue sponge paint below - if you're not familiar with sponge painting i'll teach you, it's not hard) are welcome - after painting i'll feed everyone and we'll go dancing at orpheus - showers will be available to those who need/want them, but please bring a towel (we haven't found most of ours in the piles yet)

and now for the vent - work continues to suck so much i leave this place wanting to kill... and i just found out that not only is our mortgage not what was originally written, but our mortgage agent lied to us yet again when she told us that after february 1st we would be able to get equity set up for taxes/insurance on the house... i am soooo angry right now!!

the music at alchemy_dc and orpheus had best be good; i desperately need to bounce & stomp out some of this stress and agression

thank yous again to all my friends for your love and support and kind words while i struggle with this crap

good things

the house (wolfsburg manor is the name we've chosen) is ours and will be beautiful when we get it painted and finish unpacking
zooom and i are doing pretty well
we have great roommates moving in to share the manor

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