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major update

ok... so since weds i've had a really nasty sinus ear infection, left work early, out sick thursday & friday; that's why i haven't been posting...
i went to the doctor and am currently on antibiotics, and feeling much better, but not 100% - the amoxicillin makes me sleepy
antibiotics and illness not withstanding, i had a very good weekend, went out thursday and had fun as usual (and congrats to isabelle on the job); then went to qxt in new jersey on friday before going to yule w/ everyone... didn't like the music as much, i'm sooo spoiled at nations... but was very good to see everyone, had a good time at yule, got to see lots of people, basically except for being sick, everything was wonderful this weekend... work not bad, only 374 e-mails at work... caught up now, and it's time to go take fred back to cumberland... nite all
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, medical, on the east coast, work

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