alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

tgit (thank the gods & goddesses it's thursday)

alchemy_dc bound tonight for dancing and the company of you my friends...

i am almost out of work for the day (only 1 more day this week), then i'm going to go out to dinner, and come back to the office and play online for a bit until it's time to head to the club

tomorrow is follow up from my surgery - i'm hoping the doctor gives me a clean bill of health or at least tells me i'm healing fine and don't have to come back for a while

in house news... bedroom painting was started last saturday with the help of funkergirl - the white does not cover cream in a single coat or green in two - best guess is that the earlier paint may have been oil based; need to start again, priming 1st; i did manage to find and install new shower shelves yesterday

in terms of a life update... zooom is doing well, he's going out with motorcycle friends tonight and tomorrow, and is thrilled with the good weather because it means he can ride more... last saturday i went out with funkergirl, mkblack and pyrogus after painting (and for most of us naps) - we had a yummy italian dinner (mmmmm... baked gnocci - for those of you who don't know gnocci, they are cheese and potato pasta bites, in this case baked with marinara and tons of cheeses) at sabatinos and then went to orpheus for dancing... music was on again, off again, but i didn't mind as much as normal because my arthritis was making dancing painful on saturday and i had good conversation to occupy myself when i was off the floor

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