alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

updatey goodness

odd but decent weekend - friday night spent the evening curled up watching bab5 dvd with ikirus and eating pizza after work

saturday did more unpacking and managed to get the smoking lounge/living room useable since staciadevi was coming over to see the manor, then went to the ranch and picked up another carload of miscellaneus stuff (must remember to find out where christian has put my capezio bag full of meds, etc next time i'm there - it's not with the chairs for war which was where i had put it last), went to the grocery store, then home to fix fajitas for dinner - while i was cleaning/running errands zooom got a coat of paint on the rest of the ceiling and one of the walls - he's apparently much better w/ a roller than i am

saturday night pyrogus came by to join us for dinner, miss stacia finally arrived, and dinner was a success (i was pretty happy with the way it came out, although zooom was right - the green pepper slices were a bit too large), then got motivated and got ready for orpheus... while stacia and i were getting ready funkergirl and mkblack arrived from deadmoonrising's choral concert and had some dinner (everyone said the concert was great), then we headed to orpheus... place was a bit busier than usual, and since a vendor had taken over almost the entire downstairs seating area it felt packed by the bar... had an ok time, but the music was not up to par so not enough dancing for me :{

sunday, zooom got up way early to go out riding, i woke up and visited with stacia for a while, then did housework, unpacked the rest of the bathroom, hung the new shower massage, and worked on the laundry - fun fun... watched chicago while folding laundry last night - i liked it, but not as much as moulin rouge, and then caught the l word... i've got to say, i'm finding it much more difficult to get into than queer as folk; hopefully it's just a slow start...

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